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Search Activity


The Search Activity report helps you find the result of every DNS, URL, and IP request from your various identities, ordered in descending date and time.

List of queries can help you can track queries from operating System of application that you are running under your operating system.


There are a lot of dns queries that the applications in under operating system is running and making your network possibly slower. Some Applications that you run and you may not be aware that are they sending data away. This is important because you did not give your consent on what your operating system is allowed to send.


It lists all security (and non-security) related activity within the identities reporting to DNS Sniffer for the selected time and also allows you to refine your search using filters to see only what you need to see. This can greatly assist you in determining if there are any security issues you may have within your organization that requires your attention.

The worst OS is Windows 10 because it does not let you totally turn off the updates, which you could easily do on its predecessor Windows 7 and it's not secret that Windows 10 makes backups of your data and makes updates whenever needs update from your computer data.


Then they are macOS, Linux KDE, Gnome that are much less active about updates.