About us

Team of young freelancers searching for a better query over DNS queries, who offers DNS consulting with experts.

We’re experts at implementing custom DNS needs which include: WLAN, LAN Protection from xxx, terrorist, media manipulation content. Custom MX records for third party email hosting i.e. Gmail, Office 365 or dedicated Exchange Clustered records / servers for redundancy, Custom type "A"records for remote office locations, Dynamic DNS configurations.




Many companies have accelerated application development by adopting agile principles and modern software-engineering best practices, such as automated testing. Yet it remains uncommon to apply these methods and tools to IT infrastructure and operations, even though doing so presents opportunities to increase productivity and the pace at which digital products and services are brought to market. The typical IT infrastructure organization continues to emphasize stability over speed. Requests for infrastructure services still often go through an assembly line-style process involving many handoffs, long delays, and frequent misunderstandings.


Free Tools


Free Tools that can be useful for your DNS project are GitLab, Bind9, Dynamic DNS, Open DNS.