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Trusted by Administrators worldwide to Research, Monitor
traffic from/to their Networks.

What's inside the solution DNS Sniffer ?

Network tracking, monitoring, checking and manipulating DNS request queries.
dns query categories
Queries Categorization
Every Domain is categorized and saved in proper category. Categorization is generated from content of the Website.
Domain Notification
Surfing with Browser or just OS queries on the Network are saved and counted. After specific number you can ask for notification or redirect to another domain.
Search Activity
Queries are saved for defined amount of time so that you can compare activity or inactivity on your network. Whether you are alone on the network or not.
Network Assistant
DNS Sniffer solution can be installed on any Computer or Router. No additional installation required.

DNS Sniffer Plans

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Popular Choice

DNS Sniffer

Intended for Private use

2,9 Per Month

  • Included Email Customer Support
  • IPv4 Network
  • Email Notifications, Queries Searches
  • 1-Hour Delivery
  • 14 Days Money back Guarantee
Popular Choice

DNS Redirect

Intended for small Business Companies

29 Per Month

  • Email Customer Support
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Email Notifications, Queries Searches
  • Daily Snapshots
  • Next day Delivery
Beta Version

DNS Enterprise

Intended for ISP, Adult strict Companies

49,9 Per Month

  • TV Customer Support, SSH
  • RC Service Installation
  • In your Local Network
  • IPv4 / IPv6
  • Linux Debian Server required